Deltha's Favorite Yoga Supplies

Props Are Awesome!

Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, props can help you enhance your experience. I’ve created a list of my favorite props through our Amazon affiliate links. Just click on the links below to purchase.


Blankets are one of my favorite props. You can use them to lift your hips in seated poses, pad your knees in lunges, support your back in a restorative backbend, or as a neck roll in relaxation poses. Get creative with your colors, but remember that I use blue blankets in class (we don’t want to get them mixed up).

Buy Blankets on Amazon

Buy Blankets on Amazon


A strap is a handy prop to give you some extra room in a pose. If you can’t quit reach your foot, or just need a little extra room to make the grip, straps are very helpful. There are so many choices of straps. The one listed below is a basic variety. Whatever color and style you choice, I would recommend that you go for a 10 ft length.

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When you can’t quite reach the floor, bring the floor up to you! A block can be used to support you as you work toward the final pose. Foam blocks are good, but my favorites are cork. They are a little more expensive, but they hold up forever. Go for a 4x6 size.

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Bolsters are the best of all the props. They are great to sit on for meditation and kneeling poses. Best of all, bolsters are necessary for the complete restorative yoga experience. There are several types and sizes of bolsters.

Hugger Muggers

Hugger Muggers are my favorite. They are the perfect size and density for everything.

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Small Basic Bolster

Buy the Small Basic Bolster on Amazon

Large Basic Bolster

Buy the Large Basic Bolster on Amazon

Yoga Blocks

I use the books listed below on a regular basis. They are great reads and gifts for yogis.