Episode 8

Hello FriendZ


October 16th, 2018

46 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

Hello FriendZ!

We are so glad that you joined us for another week of Friends Since 5. We love doing this podcast. Of course, it is great for Kim and I to catch up and talk about all the things, but it is kind of like we are also spending the afternoon with our friends (with a Z). Thank you for being part of our conversation and coming back week after week.

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Hot Box

Check out the infared sauna that I tried last week.

Screenshot 2018-10-16 20.31.54.png

The time in the sauna was a great place to try some meditation. We give some great tips this week to help you with your meditation journey.

Pillow Talk

We talked a lot about bedding this week. I really am thinking about buying a Casper mattress because I love my Casper Pillow so much. Kim has an ActiveDough pillow and loves it!


I’m putting it out there. This obliger did what she was supposed to do and completed her 90 day goal list. My big PUSH goal this quarter is to Meditate 1000 Minutes. I also decided to track my self care.

What are your goals? Do you need a community to help you with some support?

IMG_1990-1.jpeg IMG_1991.jpg

Fall is here!

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