Episode 6

What is your tendency?


October 2nd, 2018

40 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Hi Friends! Deltha here. I’m so glad that you joined us this week for our random thoughts. We really want to hear from you and find out who you all are. Please reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or email ([email protected]).

Self Care

What have you been busy doing this week? I held a yoga workshop and Kim attended. It was a good class, but we are feeling the muscle work this week! I decided to take advantage of a massage!What have you done for self care this week?

No Sugar Challenge

Our friend Tiffney has challenged us to do without sugar for 2 weeks. We are taking the challenge and will keep you updated. I’ve given up sugar for Lent and when I did whole 30, but it has been a while. Sugar is the devil. We both spent some time confessing our sugar weaknesses. What about it, do you want to take the challenge with us!

We even talk about Southern Guilt - Do you suffer from Southern Guilt? Do you want a piece of my birthday cake? And nobody made a cake!

Four Tendencies

Screenshot 2018-10-02 19.52.54.png

We talk a lot about this book!

        <p>Give it a try!</p>

          <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/o6x5dz78bhv3f95/Screenshot%202018-10-02%2019.52.54.png?dl=0" target="_blank">Click to Read</a>

We are spending a lot of time this week talking about the Four Tendencies. We’ve taken the QUIZ and gotten our official results. I am an Obliger and Kim is a Questioner. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other. We would love to have your feedback on this and find out what the test showed you.

More to come with the capsule wardrobe soon!

We hope you come back next week for more FRIENDS SINCE 5!

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