Episode 20

Guest - Karla Rush


January 9th, 2019

44 mins 19 secs

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Special Guest

About this Episode

This is our first episode with a guest in 2019.

Welcome to our friend, Karla!

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        <p>Kim and Karla</p>


In this episode, Kim spends some time talking to our friend Karla. Not only is Karla a good friend of ours, she is also hosts our art day each month. Not only do we enjoy doing art, we also love road trips and going to concerts together. We hope you love Karla as much as we do! And Kim finally gets someone to sing harmony with her!

Karla Advice

  • Do you own thing and enjoy others who do their own thing.

  • Don’t spend so much money on your kids, spend time with them.

  • When attending a seminar, always sit in the back. Then, if it isn’t good, you can leave. You have better things to do.

  • Ambien + Amazon = bad for your checkbook.

  • You can make money trading nickels for dimes.

Transverse Sinus Vein

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